Treat yourself to our wide range of
sweet and savoury crepes!



Flat White $3.49

Filtered $2.49  

Americano $2.99 

Espresso  $2.99

Lungo $2.99

Decaffeinated $2.99

Mocaccino  $4.99

Cappuccino $4.99

Machiato $3.99

Cup $3.99
Bowl $4.99

Vanillatté/ Caramellatté $4.99

Hot Chocolate
Regular $3.99
Bowl $4.99


Soy Milk 0.69$

Lactose-free Milk 0.69$

Almond Milk 0.69$

Dose 0.69$

Whipped Cream 0.49$

Savoury crepe Montréal

Juice of the Day $5.99

Fruit Juice
Orange, Apple, Vegetable, Pineapple or Grapefruit $2.75

Extractor Juice $7.49
Tropi-Kale: Banana, Pineapple, Kale
Boost Orange, Carrot, Ginger
Bordée Violette Beetroot, Blueberry, Apple
Concombre Givré Apple, Cucumber, Celery

Smoothie  $5.49
Milk Shake
Protein, Nuts or Dried Fruits $1.99

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Caesar Mojito $6.99
Sangria Pina Colada $6.99
Daiquiri Shirley Temple $6.99

Savoury Crepe Montréal

Milk 3.25% $2.50

Soy Milk $2.99

Almond Milk $2.99

Chocolate Milk $3.49

Perrier $3.25

Soft Drinks $2.49
Coke / Diet Coke / 7-up/ Nestea / San Pellegrino

Spring Water $2.25

Savoury Crepe Montréal


French Fries  $2.99

Soup of the Day $3.50

Fruit Salad $6.99

House Salad  
Lettuce, grated carrots, cucumber and homemade balsamic vinaigrette $6.99

Caesar Salad
Lettuce, buckwheat croutons, Parmesan cheese and Caesar sauce $6.99

Danish Salad
Lettuce, Roquefort cheese, blueberries, walnuts and homemade vinaigrette $8.99

Tropical Salad
Lettuce, chicken*, pineapple, orange, raisins and homemade vinaigrette $8.99

Savoury Crepe Montréal


Before 3:30 pm

Children: Potatoes, salami*, beans, fruit, bread $7.99

Classic: Eggs (2), potatoes, beans, fruits, cheese, bread, salad $8.99

Luxurious: Eggs (2), potatoes, beans, fruits, cheese, bread, salad, salami* (2), bacon* (2), sausages (2) $13.99

Light Bagel with cheese, jam, egg, fruits $8.99

Morning crepe Egg, caramelized onion, tomato, cheese, salami*, Hollandaise sauce  $13.49

Sweet crepe Montréal

One glass of filtered coffee 

Savoury Crepe

Sweet sautéed apples and Emmental cheese  $11.99

Lunch: Egg, salami* and Emmental cheese $13.25

Mexican: Pepper, guacamole and Emmental cheese $13.49

Popeye: Salami*, spinach and Emmental cheese $13.49

Spagus: Salami*, asparagus and Emmental cheese $13.99

Blanca: Salami*, Béchamel sauce and cheese / salami* $13.99

Vegan: Dried tomatoes, eggplant caviar, spinach $12.99

Vegetarian: Dried tomatoes, eggplant caviar and Emmental cheese $13.49

Hawaiian: Salami*, pineapple and Emmental cheese $13.49

Italian: Dried tomatoes, pesto and Emmental cheese $13.49

Campagnarde: Salami*, mushrooms and Emmental cheese $13.99

Champêtre: Sautéed apples, Brie and walnuts $13.99

Germaine: Chicken*, mushrooms and Hollandaise sauce $13.99

Paysanne: Chicken*, mushrooms and fresh cream $13.99

Fisherman: Tuna, Putanesca sauce, and Emmental cheese $13.99

Parisian: Salami*, sautéed apple, Emmental cheese and maple syrup $15.49

Vedette: Smoked salmon, dill sauce and Emmental cheese $15.99

Tunisian: Tuna, egg, Emmental cheese, harissa $14.25

Oriental: Minced meat*, mushrooms, caramelized onion and Emmental cheese $15.99

Roquefort: Spinach, walnuts, Roquefort cheese and Emmental cheese $ 16.49

Mediterranean: Dried tomatoes, pesto, goat cheese and Emmental cheese $16.49

Le Gros: Emmental cheese, pepper, egg, chicken*, salami*, Hollandaise sauce $19.75

Sweet Crepe

Butter and Sugar or Sugar and Lemon or Sugar and Cinnamon $6.99

Maple Syrup $8.49

Pulp, zest and orange juice, cream $8.99

Chestnut cream and Chantilly $10.49

Meringue and Nutella $10.49

Sautéed apples, cinnamon and walnuts $10.99

Blueberry Chocolate
Blueberries and dark chocolate coulis $10.99

Walnut chips, honey and ice cream $12.99

Kiwi fruit, strawberry, orange and maple syrup $13.49

Orange, crystallized ginger and dark chocolate coulis $11.75

Maple syrup, sautéed pepper, kiwi fruit $11.99

Goat cheese, toasted almonds, honey $13.49

Sautéed pear, toasted almonds and Nutella $12.99

Sautéed pears, toasted almonds and dark chocolate coulis $12.99

Nutella, strawberries and toasted almonds $12.99

Chocolate Strawberry Banana
Nutella, strawberries, toasted almonds $14.49

Strawberry, banana, blueberries, ice cream, custard cream, whipped cream $17.99

French crepe Montréal

Design Your Own Savoury Crepe

From $6.99


Egg $1.25

Salami (beef) $1.99

Tuna $1.99

Chicken* $2.99

Minced meat* $2.99

Smoked salmon $3.99

Tofu $3.99

Vegan chicken $3.99

Sweet crepe Montréal


Caramelized onion $0.99

Black olives $1.25

Dried tomatoes $1.49

Pepper $1.49

Spinach $1.49

Mint $1.49

Mushrooms $1.99

Asparagus $1.99

Eggplant caviar $1.99

French crepe Montréal


Tabasco Sauce $0.50

Harissa $0.99

Olive Oil $0.99

Maple Syrup $1.49

Guacamole $1.99

Pesto $1.99

Bechamel Sauce 
Milk, cream, Blue cheese $1.99

Putanesca Sauce
Tomato sauce, anchovies, capers $1.99 

Hollandaise Sauce 
Butter, egg yolk $1.99

Dill Sauce $1.99

Creme Fraiche $1.99

Zest, pulp and orange juice $1.99

French crepe Montréal


Swiss Emmental $2.99

Goat Cheese $2.99

Roquefort $2.99

Brie $2.99

Cream Cheese $2.99

Sweet crepe Montréal

Fresh Fruits

Kiwi fruit $1.50

Orange $1.50

Banana $1.50

Pineapple $1.50

Blueberries $1.99

Strawberries $1.99

Sautéed pears $1.99

Mango* $1.99

Sautéed apples $1.99

Sweet crepe Montréal


Peanut Butter $1.50

Honey $1.50

Maple Syrup $1.50

Nutella $1.99

Suzette $1.99

Dark Chocolat Coulis $1.99

Chestnut Cream $1.99

Condensed Milk $1.99

Custard Cream $1.99

Caramel, Vanilla $1.99

Jam $1.25

Strawberry, Apricot, Fig, Orange

Sweet crepe Montréal


Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp, Aero, M&M, Mars, Kinder Bueno $1.99

Meringue $1.49

Chantilly $1.49

Ice Cream $2.49

Sweet Crepe Montréal

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